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Top News Reporters

Now, I am sure it’s pretty obvious per my blog title and every post thus far, but I love sports. All I talk about is sports. Besides my family and my faith, sports is what I am most passionate about. I have zero desire to talk about news. I am not into politics. I do not know much of what is going on in the “news world.” However, what I do know is… we have some very very talented students within the College of Journalism and Communications pursuing a career in the “news world.” It didn’t take long to figure that out. It also didn’t take me long to figure out that these people also know how to put together a good blog.

Maggie Lee! Need I say more? You can tell she’s very newsy by just looking at her. She looks great… with a trendy short haircut, she has the newsy look to her. Not only that, but she has the sound and talk that you hear news reporters use on CNN or something (Not that I watch much of that, but you know what I mean) She fits the part well! I love when people are passionate about something and you can tell Maggie takes her news very seriously. Her delivery is great and her willingness to always learn and perfect are skills in admirable. You can see this in her post “Advice from the Pros.”

Prior to this semester, I didn’t value the role of a producer. I didn’t truly understand what their job entailed. But then I was quickly reminded not to judge a book by its’ cover and in our case… don’t judge a show by its’ on-air talent. It takes great skill to be able to produce a whole newscast and WUFT is blessed to have Daniela Hurtado. Producers need to be in full control, but yet calm. Hurtado is all of that and more. Literally, there’s more. Not only can be in charge of a show, but she can report and also anchor during a show. In sports, she would be a triple threat. What a great asset she will be to a bigger and better news organization some day. It may be a little cliche, but my favorite post on her blog is her “About Me.” It allows you to see the Hurtado outside of the newsroom. The Hurtado that every should want to get to know.

And last but definitely not least, Anastasia Fraga. Her spunk. Her charisma. Her love for all things news and entertainment makes it hard not to want to hang out with her for a day (or maybe seven.) I love when people are able to have a good work ethic, yet still able to be themselves and have a blast doing it. If you don’t personally know Fraga, that’s okay. You don’t have to know her. What you see on her blog is what you get! Then you will do everything in your power to get to know her. I mean who doesn’t a good Disney fanatic?

I am blessed to even be in the same program with these three. Keep up the good work, Ladies!

Top Female Sports Reporters

After going through the “People” tab on Canvas and seeing everyone who is enrolled in this class, I quickly figured out we have a good group of talented people—In just this one class alone.

Being a sports fanatic and pursuing sports broadcasting, I couldn’t help but get reeled in to the Sports Blogs of the class.

I couldn’t pick just one… it was hard enough narrowing it down to just three sports blogs.

Savanna’s Sports Talk” operated by Savanna Collins is a blog very similar to my blog! Reading through her “About Me” page you quickly find out her personality and it’s definitely a good one to have with her pursuing sports broadcasting. I love how she’s able to share her sports knowledge all while being herself. My favorite post of hers are the posts revolving around baseball. I think you can clearly see that her strong suit and passion is out on the baseball diamond. Kudo’s to you Savanna for chasing your dreams–May your grand slam come sooner than expected.

Another sports blog to catch my eye was the work of Ashlyn Sullivan!  Knowing Ashlyn will be graduating this semester, I knew her blog would be filled with great work and charisma. However, I didn’t know to what degree. Her blog has a large variety of the work she’s done during her time at UF and you can definitely tell she made the most of her time. I love you can see she is fan of all sports, men and women. She just loves a good sports story and I love that personality. It was hard for me to choose which specific post was my favorite because I like them all, but I think any post revolving around football will have to be a winner for me. Ashlyn, may your football offseason will filled with all sports exciting and your season year be as great as this past football season was.

And who could forget about Jennifer Stehlin? Her blog caught my attention right away. All the visuals were very appealing and wasn’t too much for my eyes. To me, her blog is one of the most interesting blogs I’ve looked at for this class. It shows how well-rounded and versatile she is. You can see she’s very spirited–Well, because she is a Gator Cheerleader, but also because she just seems to have so much energy and personality in her pictures. Her blog does fall under the category of sports, even though she references and talks about other topics—Who doesn’t want girl who can do it all these days? I think this makes her more marketable than just subjecting to one category. Kudos to you, Jennifer, for being yourself—On and off the field/camera.

Would The Real Sports Darwinism Please Stand Up

I am from what I like to think is the greatest city in the land. Some would think I am referring to big well-known city like New York City or Los Angeles, however those people are wrong. The greatest city in the land is Gainesville, Florida.

Growing up in this little big college town was a true blessing. It’s the place that raised me and made me the sports woman fanatic that I am today. There’s a lot of Gator fans out there that remembers the glory days of the Florida sports. Winning back-to-back National Titles in football and National titles in football. Also, who could forget about the glorified Gator, Tim Tebow. Those who are and aren’t students today just remember watching those days on television, but me–I was here living it. I believe those days are responsible for my obsession with sports. And of course, my mother and grandmother who showed me there’s nothing wrong with a woman voicing her opinions about sports and getting in there and arguing with the guys about that controversial call.

I love this town and I can only hope to give back to it what it gave to me. I can only hope to mean something to this town as much as this town means to me.

Without that little bit said, stay tuned for what’s in store for Sports Darwinism.


Football Season, Come Back To Me

For as long as I can remember, football has been a part of my life. A lot of people are always shocked that, me as a woman, is so heavily into football–Even when I was younger and playing flag football with the boys at recess, teachers and fellow classmates were always questioning my love and knowledge of the game.

I owe a lot of credit to my mom and grandma–These two women showed me it was okay to be a woman and love the game of football. They showed me it was okay to challenge a man about a play call and argue your point. They showed me there’s nothing wrong with being feminine and a crazy football fan at the same time.

Check out what’s going on in the football world during the offseason. 

It’s been about two weeks since football left our Saturdays and Sundays and you could say I am going through withdrawals—You could also say I am counting down the weekends until football comes back into our lives.

My weekends are lonely and uneventful without it. Not sure I could every go a full year without the game and I am not sure how some people hate or don’t watch football. Maybe if more people fell in love with sports, there would be less chaos in the world.

Sports allows me to escape the craziness of the world. 


SEC Basketball In February

As the regular season is winding down, teams begin to realize they are fighting to remain relevant in the postseason. Two teams find themselves in this scenario as they compete in a very tough conference. The Tigers, from both LSU and Auburn, are sitting low in SEC standings. This game could mean something for both teams, but even more so for LSU.

LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers are 14th in the SEC, good for last place. They are 9-17 overall record and 1-13 in the SEC. Winning only one conference matchup until this point is not ideal, so if these Tigers could get a victory over the host Tigers, it would put them in the right direction to end the season on a good note.
A win tonight is definitely possible for LSU. When they met Auburn last month, LSU fell just short and leaving the final score at 78-74. Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl believes LSU has a lot of talent and their record doesn’t reflect who they truly are. If Pearl is right, this should be an interesting game.

Auburn Tigers

This matchup will definitely be the “eye of the tiger” once tip-off rolls around. This set of Tigers holding a 16-11 overall record and 5-9 in the SEC. The last time Auburn faced LSU, Horace Spencer compiled ten points and seven rebounds. With the help from the rest of the Tigers’ bench, Spencer could put on a show in front of their home crowd. Auburn is tied with Mississippi State for 11th place in the SEC, so these Tigers are looking for another win before postseason play gets here.

Tip off is set for 7 p.m. on SEC Network and this one should be interesting as these two teams are trying to end the season on a positive note. Especially with other SEC Teams like Florida, South Carolina, and Kentucky making national relevancy heading into “March Madness.”

Go to check out my other SEC basketball posts from earlier in the season.  

8 Gators Transitioning to Playing on Sundays?


Two weeks ago, the NFL season came to an end and the New England Patriots were crowned champions for the fifth time in franchise history. We’ve reached that time of year when football fans are blessed with the best of both worlds. When their Saturday fandemonium collides with their Sunday fandemonium. When there’s no college football on Saturdays and no NFL on Sundays.

ESPN helps us get through withdrawals with content on their segments and website. 

This is when the players from their college team is striving to earn a spot on the roster of their favorite NFL franchise’s roster. This year, and arguably every year, the NFL really likes what the SEC has to offer. Especially what the SEC East Champions Florida Gators have to offer. With a total of eight Gators being invited to the NFL Combine, a Gator fan would say the 2017 NFL Draft is “Gator Bait.”

1. Jalen “Teez” Tabor

Tabor started in 12 games this past season and grabbed four interceptions and 33 tackles. Interceptions aren’t the only thing the junior grabbed this season—he grabbed Second Team All-American honors and one of the fuels to the fire in the DBU debate.

2. Quincy Wilson

Quincy, alongside Tabor, collected 33 tackles for the Gators. The Junior was one of two Gators to start in all 13 games this season for Florida. That allowed him to campaign why he is one of the top-rated prospects coming out of Gainesville. Despite the high-profile nature of the two, how could you argue against any of the other five players?

3. Marcus Maye
Senior Marcus Maye concludes the list of secondary players from Florida invited to the combine. Maye has always been a threat for opposing offensives, but this season his presence in the backfield was cut short. The senior injured his arm against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Prior to the injury, he snagged 50 tackles for the Gator defense.

4. Alex Anzalone

The redshirt junior also had his season cut short due to an injured arm. His 54 tackles this season made the argument that this was his best season in The Swamp. Anzalone’s leadership on the field and on the sideline could definitely be used at the next level.

5. Jarrad Davis

This senior was another one of the key leaders for the Gator defense. He missed out on four of his games, but his presence was always felt (especially felt by the opposing team.) He recorded 60 tackles despite missing nine games with an ankle injury. The linebacker was named Second Team All-American honors and is expected to make an impact on an NFL roster.

6. Bryan Cox Jr.

He missed out on the majority of his senior season because of injuries, but always made a difference when he was lined up with the defense. Cox Jr. only started 28 games during this time in orange and blue, but with his size and quickness, there’s no surprise he was invited to the combine.
7. Caleb Brantley

The redshirt junior is projected to have his name called on day one of the NFL Draft. Making Second Team All-SEC, the defensive lineman led the Florida roster in tackles for loss with a total of 9.5

8. David Sharpe

The offensive tackle is the only Gator from offense to get an invite to the combine. Sharpe started for two years and was a key role in improving Florida’s offense up front. The junior started every game for Florida and will probably get a few early starts on an NFL roster.

If this post caught your attention, catch on the rest of my posts like this one. 

My Time with Kate

Katelyn Huber Feature Story from ESPN Gainesville on Vimeo.

Here is a feature story I did on a local little ten-year-old girl who aspires to be the first woman to play in the Masters. She has big dreams for her life and golf is a major part of that.

My time hanging out with Kate was so humbling and so aspiring at the same time. What hits me hard is she is just ten-years-old and has such an impact on everyone she meets. All people could take a few pointers from Kate, then the world would probably be a better driven and more successful place.